Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Small Step For NYFW, One HUGE Step For The Plus Community!

So in the 70 year history of New York Fashion Week, there has never been a plus size designer featured. You read that right.... NEVER! Well, (and I'm writing this with a mega smile on my face) the 70 year drought has come to an end! There will now be a plus size designer featured at NYFW!!!!! Keep reading!

valentina orange stripe reports that Cabiria will now be featured in NYFW coming up on September 6th! This clothing line offers AMAZINGLY cute styles to fit sizes 12-24 and will debut their Spring/Summer Line for 2014. Check out the full article here to be as enthusiastic as I am! Here are a couple of the fabulous things Cabiria makes!

Image of Francesca in Orange Dot
Image of Valentina in Blue Splatter

I pride myself on being a HUGE advocate for plus size fashion and feel like the movement has made progress with this happening. I will be on pins and needles to see what debuts! 

 I may even place an order! Let's support this brand to let the fashion world know we need more plus designers for NYFW!

Are you as happy as I am? Let me know!

Stay Fab! <3

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