Friday, August 2, 2013

Are You Ready For The Fashion War?

This upcoming fall/back to school season is looking to enlist in the military, the Fashion Military that is! The hot trend for the fall is Military Chic!
Even Nina Garcia, Fashion Director at Elle and Marie Claire magazines, tweeted "Pairing a military jacket with floral prints is the perfect combo for back-to-school style." So straighten up soldier! Let's dive in to this trend!


Whether it's called "military" or "utility", you are going to see tons of jackets and vest in the combat style this fall. Keeping it simple by pairing them with khakis and a tank is the traditional way to go..... but who wants to be traditional!? As shown above, you can pair this item with prints bright colors to show your individuality! Hell, the jacket its self can be a different color!
This trend is not stopping at just jackets and vests, with military inspired cuts and designs, you can wear tons of different shirts to be military chic as well!
You also have the ever popular camouflage look! This seems to be a lasting trend during the fall season, as it was big last year as well.

The trend doesn't stop at clothing either! You can find tons of handbags, shoes, and jewelry to compliment the look!

So tell me how you feel about this trend? Is it something that can make you fall in line?
Stay Fab! <3

Photo credit to Google, Forever 21, Zappos, ans Asos

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