Thursday, August 1, 2013

H&M Online to Hit the US! Are we happy?

If you are a fan of H&M like I am, then you know this is a long time coming! Well, the wait is over and H&M US is now online! But is it worth the wait?

With Beyonce endorsed bikinis starting at $4.95, US consumers have been chomping at the bit to order online for the largely growing clothing store. It took a while to tinker with the logistics of it, but it looks like H&M finally got it together so we can shop until we drop from the comfort of our computer!

Some fear that it may take years before the brand can make any profit from the online store, as they are now competing with other international online retailers such as Asos and Zara. Also, with the new age of online shopping, US customers are growing accustomed to free shipping and free returns, H&M US online store offers free shipping but charges for returns. Items bought online cannot be returned in stores. Ummmmm 'scuze me? 
That's going to be a problem. 

While I am super excited to have the option to shop online, if it is going to be more inconvenient that going to the store (where I can return things for free), I'll pass. Sorry H&M, but I'm not digging that.
So how do you feel? While I love H&M, this will be a deterrent to give it a shot. Check out the NY Daily News article about the financial expectations of H&M's US online store. Also check out some of the things you can find!

Stay Fab! <3

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