Monday, August 19, 2013

Not Food Trucks, Fashion Trucks!

We as consumers like fast and convenient. We have created a market for it and the retail world never stops delivering it to us. Whether it be on the web or the simple concept of a food truck, the retail world has made leaps and bounds to provide "at your door step" service. Now, it looks like fashion (and marketing) geniuses have taken the concept of both and fused them together = Fashion Trucks. 

Fashion trucks are simply mobile boutiques that either have items for sale or showcase items soon to be on sale. 

Le Fashion Truck is a Los Angeles based fashion boutique that's been around since 2011, making it LA's first fashion truck. Stacey Steffe and  Jeanine Romo both only sell up and coming designers in their truck. But they don't want to exclude anyone who is not in Los Angeles, so they also offer an online store here.

Since 2011, different fashion trucks have been popping up all over the place. I am wondering when Las Vegas will finally have one riding around town. Check out some more photos of different fashion trucks below.


Have you guys ever seen or been inside a fashion truck? What did you think of it? I need to find one of these!

Stay Fab! <3

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