Friday, August 16, 2013

Oh Nothing....Just A Forever 21 Trip

So The Vegas Argot and I decided to have a little "girls day" (meaning shopping and lunch) which started at Walmart and ended with me scoring big at Forever 21. I mean, when you find yourself in The Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip, it's almost a crime NOT to go into the biggest Forever 21 store in the world.... yeah, THE WORLD!

When you walk in on either the first or second floor (yes, there are two full floors of amazing), you are instantly smacked in the face with trending fashion. Each mannequin dons different frocks for the section of the store they represent.

 (collections shown are from 21st Street [left] and Plus Size [right])

Being a seasoned Vet in this store, I immediately went to the plus size section. Sorry guys, I couldn't take too many pictures to show just how awesome this place is, but it's MASSIVE. The plus size section alone is the size of a mall Lane Bryant or Torrid. As a plus gal, I really appreciate the use of plus size mannequins to show off the great clothes.

OK, now to the fun stuff! Look what I got!

(Click the picture to see it online)

I fell absolutely in LOVE with both and couldn't make a decision.... so I NATURALLY had to make sure they both went home with me! The textiles are soft and easy, no fuss. They fit like a dream!

Ladies, if you're in Las Vegas, you need to experience this Forever 21 at least once in your life. You CAN NOT go wrong! If not, you can always shop online!

So this was just  QUICK trip for me. I'll do a part 2 to this post when I go and have time to really shop - I mean get pictures! :-D

What are your thoughts on Forever 21? What kind of great things have you found there?

Stay Fab! <3

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  1. LOVE the black and white dress! Forever 21 has def come up in fashion! ;)