Monday, August 12, 2013

My Love For Leopard Print!

To me, leopard print isn't even a real "print", it's just an accessory color. If done right, leopard can go with anything.... Did you hear me? ANYTHING! Don't believe me? Keep reading...

I am a firm believer of leopard print being an accent or accessory piece. I very rarely see leopard dresses that I like, and that's OK. My love for leopard still runs deep. However, when I do find those special tokens of love, I swoon.

I mean, come on. How can you not love that?!

If you don't, it's OK. I'm going to make you a believer! Now, I'm not one to mix prints; however, as I stated before, leopard is a non-print. You can add it to any print you've already got going, especially stripes! 

See what I mean? Perfect accent! Also, let me just say that if you do not have a leopard scarf in your closet somewhere, you are really missing out on a gem of an accessory. The leopard scarf is like a gold bracelet, you can throw it on with anything! Pair it with some (tasteful) leopard heels and you are ready to tackle the concrete jungle!

If you wanna use leopard print for a core part of your outfit, keep the other parts solid. The leopard will actually make the rest of your outfit pop, not the other way around. 

There is literally hundreds of ways you can accessorize leopard print and be casual and comfortable!

Not a huge fan still? Man, you're a hard sell. Well, I can understand. You may not like the boldness of the print. Not to worry! Nowadays you can still rock leopard with the bold print. A trend that's been a round for a while is now muted leopard print items. You still get the outline of the print, but it's not as bold and usually in the same color as the background color.

One of my favorite little black dresses is a muted leopard print!

(This was me at 2010 Full Figure Fashion Week in Los Angeles)

Well, I hope I've converted you over to the land of the leopard! And if not, this will surely do the trick!

It's leopard cake!!!!!!! 

Stay Fab! <3

 *photo credit to pinterest

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