Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Ode To The Twenties

Ahhh the 1920's.... such an awesome year for fashion. Flappers and deep V neck tops created an era oozing in glamour and elegance. I had to take a moment just to reflect on the amazing things the 1920's brought us... 

Let's not forgot the amazing hair that came with these looks too! 

Short bobs, pin curls, and rolled buns gave the  women of the twenties ultimate hat hair, but in SUCH a good way! Check out these amazing hats! 

When it comes to accessories, it was pearls or nothing! As a girl who loves her pearls, I can't argue with that one bit! The 20's were dripping with pearls. 

While the roaring 20's were about pearls, elegance, and entertainment, there were also some very modest and gorgeous outfits worn in everyday life!

The fashion trends of the twenties were so different than what you see today. I would love  to see some modesty and elegance amongst some of the "fashion trends" that are happening nowadays.... more on that later.

Lastly, a 1920's fashion piece wouldn't be right with out a moment to acknowledge flappers. These beautiful women created an art form through fashion. A simple deep V tank dress covered in fringes became a silhouette of a dance with every step taken in it.

Yes, the 20's fashion jewels are something to admire. How do you feel about the glamorous, roaring 1920's fashion?

Stay Fab!<3

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