Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Party Fashion!

OK, if you're like me, that means you wait until the last minute to put together a party outfit. Well, it's the holidays and I'm sure you'll be going to one of the millions being planned as we speak! So I've decided to put a little something together to give you ideas on what to wear!

Let's start with the party dress!

You can never fail with a LBD (check out my post about those here), but sparkles and shimmers are always a holiday favorite! Fun and flirty is a must! You can also find a nice black pant or skirt and a cute shimmery top if dresses aren't your thing. A black, beige, gold or silver blazer is also an awesome piece to throw on with pants or a skirt!

Next, statement jewelry!

Adding some cool statement pieces really bring out the dress and draws attentions to that beautiful face of yours (check this post about statement jewelry)! WARNING: be sure NOT to wear too many statement pieces at once. If you choose earrings, keep the necklace and bracelet simple, and vice versa. You only need to make ONE statement.

Next, clutches!

A nice, simple (yet snazzy) clutch can really tie everything in. Finding something that compliments the jewelry is always a win! Of course I have a post on clutches as well! Here it is!

Lastly, detailed shoes!

Whether they are flats or heels, find something sparkly or that has an awesome buckle/latch/broach to it. It's the holidays, why not!?

Here's another great guide to tie it all together!

Did this help you prepare for that holiday party you're going to this weekend? I hope so. It made me wanna go shopping again for mine!

Stay Fab! <3

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