Monday, November 18, 2013

Hot This Season: Purses I Love!

Hey guys! So continuing on with things that are making me swoon this season, let's talk about purses!

So first, let's get into some clutches!

Versatile, quick, and always stylish, the clutch is just that, clutch! Only need to carry your phone, ID, credit card and lipstick? You are gold with these bad boys. Dress up a casual look or compliment your evening gown, I LOVE these things!

Next up, crossbodies!

Crossbodies are more often the hands free clutch. Small, but you can through it across your body so it hangs at the waist, freeing up your hands. Larger styles are starting to trend more. They are usually narrower than a messenger bag. I like the smaller, more sophisticated ones shown above. Perfect for a work lunch!

Next, the classic handbag

The handbag speaks for itself. It carries all, it works with (nearly) everything and it never lets you down! The winged look above is VERY trendy right now! These are now becoming more of the "fashion briefcase" for the business woman. They are big enough for your laptop, but small enough to not be too bulky.

Lastly, the tote!

Much like the handbag, these bad boys can carry a lot! They are generally taller than a handbag and can come in all kinds of textiles to go with any style you may want to rock! 

So these are the purses that make me drool, I have all but the tote, they aren't really my style. There are more that I would love to add to the closet, but I there isn't enough space to display them all. LOL

Which purse suites you the most? I'm more partial to the classic handbag. 

Stay Fab! <3

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