Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sparkle and Shine: Fall/Winter Jewelry Trends!

While we've talked about clothes and nails, we can't forget the finishing touches.... JEWELRY! Let's take a look at all the bells and baubles that are in style this season!

Chain Gang

First, lets take a look at the classic chain link look!

I'm so happy to see this style coming back! It's so easy to wear chain jewelry to dress up or down any outfit! Jeans and a white T? No problem! Throw on a gold link chain necklace and bracelet and a cute pair of heels, and you are happy hour ready!

Make A Statement

Next, it's all about the statement pieces!

Statement pieces are just that, a STATEMENT! They command the attention of an outfit so I suggest keeping it plain on these gems. Less is more when you plan on wearing these kind of accessories!

The Animal In Me

I mean, at this point, it should go without saying that I am all in favor of animal print accessories being a thing this season! LOL

I am ALL FOR this movement. LOL You really can't go wrong! As long as you don't wear head to toe animal print, you are pretty much golden! Stripes and leopard print is HUGE this season! Check out how I feel about leopard print here!

A Girl and Her Pearls

Lastly, another fav of mine, PEARLS! 

Pearls are often referred to as the epitome of class and sophistication. I wear them nearly every day! They are understated and easy! They can be worn with nearly anything!

So what say you? Will you be rocking any of these great pieces? Already have some? If so, what do you already own? 

Stay Fab! <3

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