Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Fashion Show Mall and My Forever 21 Habit

Hey y'all! Just like my other Forever 21 post, I found myself strolling around the Fashion Show Mall out here in Las Vegas, Nevada and decided to go site seeing! Check out what shenanigans I got into!

So first, I went into Kate Spade. She's such a classic brand with a cute edge! Check out these two pairs of  shoes I HAD to get a picture of!,en_US,pd.html,en_US,pd.html
 (click the picture to go to each pair on the site)

Super cute right?! Those "black tie" shoes had me swoooning!

Next, I found myself in Tiffany's because.... I'm a woman and what woman doesn't like Tiffany's? While I didn't take pictures, I can show you what I saw down below.

Simply breathtaking. It was hard to walk out of there without drooling!

Of course no shopping trip would be complete without a trip to Forever 21.

Don't judge me y'all! It's my weakness! I only wanted to browse and ended up trying on a few things....

(cardigan, overall dress, jumpsuit, sweater in stores only)

I didn't buy everything (like I wanted to), but there was one thing I couldn't pass up on.

It's super warm and goes with everything! I'm even rocking it today for Western Day at work!

Whelp, I just wanted to share my shopping experience with you guys. What do you think?

Stay Fab! <3

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