Monday, November 25, 2013

Giveaway Winner Spotlight: Zarinah Washinton

On my Facebook page, I had a giveaway for my 300th fan. Well, the lovely Zarinah Washington was the winner and I just felt compelled to get more info on her amazing journey over the past 2 years to become a more healthy, positive, and amazing version of herself. Check it out!

Where did your journey begin? 
Picture it...New York, February 2011. I had just finished a touring production after a week of an All BBQ diet in Memphis, TN and an all I could eat Crepe/Croissant Fest in Paris. During the tour, I gained about 30lbs, experienced heart flutters and as soon as I hit the states, I knew something had to change. I made the decision to get healthy.

What hardships have you faced in your journey? 

Everything from financial to physical injury to family issues. During this time I became a full time caregiver for a loved one and felt pulled in all directions and many times none of them my own. This journey can be challenging with all too many opportunities to give up and quit but when you are committed to a goal nothing or no one can or will stop you. Not even you!  

What inspires you to reach your goals? 

The will to succeed. It's powerful and never lets me give up! Even when I fall off the wagon, let it roll over me AND get dragged down the street, my will never lets me drop out of the game. I get back on that wagon and keep rolling! 

Who inspires you? 

I find inspiration seriously all around me. I see kids playing on the playground and I'm reminded of a younger me. She deserves a healthy body and future. She inspires me most! I get inspired by total strangers, single mothers who persist and conquer, our nation's veterans who struggle to find their way back to civilian life, the passionate artist singing on the corner just living their art. Theres way too much life to be inspired by that losing motivation to become more, and live more, becomes less and less of an issue.

Who are some of your favorite designers? 

I'll take who is Nike for $500! Since beginning this journey, finding stylish, comfortable and functional workout wear has been a mission. Can't rock my Herbalife 24 brand on just old thing. I began with Old Navy Plus Size Compression Active Wear but I really admire Lulemon, Athleta, and Nike. As a newbie to the fitness game, I primarily stuck to black pieces but as I advance, I have more size options from different companies so it was time to spice it up! There are some awesome, colorful, curves complementing pieces that not only give great stretch and breathe-abilty but are so well designed. Instant attitude increaser...look good and feel good? That workout doesn't stand a chance.

What do you like to do in your downtime? 

What you don't think I workout all the time? Just kidding, I love theatre, music and just about any form of art. When I do have downtime from health coaching and caretaking, I'll meet up with my friends, grab a bite to eat and check out a show or two! 

What is one fashion trend you would like to see come back? 

I loooooove and appreciate 1930s and 40s retro fashion! I'm not the best at creating it for myself but it was such a classy and well put together time in fashion, we could use a little more of that these days. 

What is one fashion trend that you would like to see leave and never return? 

UGG BOOTS BEGONE!! When you live in a desert and its 100 degrees, there is no need for UGG boots and aesthetically it does nothing but create leg stumps. I'd also like to banish pajama bottoms in public and sagging pants. Unless you are wearing high water jeans and a little sag is necessary, I say, "Sir surely you can find a pair of well fitting jeans". Yes, I hope they disappear lol.

If you were a super hero, what would be your main super power? 

If I were a superhero, my main power would be the ability to create immediate positive change in a person's life. Tony Robbins is a genius in that way! Just one positive immediate change can set the ball in motion that will change your entire reality. That one change started my health journey. I'm in best shape I've ever been in as an adult and I'm becoming the best version of myself mentally, spiritually and physically. Just one positive immediate change is empowering, I'd like to give that to others!

Zarinah is truly an inspiration and I am honored to be her friend. She is instant sunshine and motivation. I'm more than sure that if you need help in YOUR journey, she's the person to talk to! If you would like more information about her journey or about Herbal Life, check her information below!

Zarinah Washinton Russell
IG: @fit4lifejourney 

Stay Fab! <3


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