Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fashion Pin Spotlight: How to Wear Your Jeans

Hey guys! Here's my latest Pinterest find on how to rock what you have in the best possible way! This time, we're talking about jeans! While I would LOVE to give credit for this picture, unfortunately, the original page that carried this image is no longer valid. But thanks if you happen to be reading this! There's more to read at the bottom!

I know the words are a little blurred, but you get the idea. 

* One roll for your flats
* Two rolls for your ankle boots or high heels
* Long and slouchy for your F-Me pumps
* Pegged for boyfriend cuts with heels
* Skinny cuts for boots is a must
* Platforms and high waisted flairs are the perfect combo

Did this pin help you out a little? Why or why not? Let me know! Until next time!

Stay Fab! <3

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