Friday, December 20, 2013

Fashion Crush Friday: Solange Knowles

Known not just for being Beyonce's sister, but a staple in the fashion industry, Solange is bold, daring, and out-of-the-box in her style. Let's take quick a look at it, shall we?

Her casual style is so chic and fashion forward that it just needs to be recognized...

But when it's time for business, she's all about it!

Let's not even go into her red carpet looks... Just stunning! She's such a natural beauty!

As a natural hair gal myself, I LOVE that she rocks her Afro everywhere when not in braids or doing a photo shoot. Let it fly girl! 

Anyway, how do you guys feel about Solange's style? Let me know!

Stay Fab! <3

*photo credit to Pinterest

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