Monday, December 2, 2013

Here We Go: 2013 AMA Fashion Recap

Alright y'all, as I promised on my Facebook page, here is my recap of some of the fashions from the 2013 American Music Awards..... Here we go!

 First, let's talk about who got it right!

White was a big hit this year! Miley found some sense and had on a FABULOUS pants suit, keeping it simple and classy! While I love Nicole Richie's dress, I felt like it may have been a smidge too big for her hips, causing the back to dip too low. It also made her lose any thought of a curve to her waistline. Christina looks to have lost more weight and wore a very flattering piece to show off her new body. I personally liked her with more curves. Kendall Jenner sexed it up a bit by wearing this assemble. I think the necklace pulled it off nicely! All in all, these stunning ladies in white SERVED!

I may not be a Taylor Swift fan, but damnit, that girl is wearing the hell out of this dress! She is giving a country rock feel and it works! While I normally don't blog about men's fashion, let's just take a moment and bask in the glory that is Justin Timberlake......... *wipes drool* OK, I'm  done! And of COURSE we have to talk about Naya Rivera SLAYING the entire show with this AMAZING Michael Kors gown.... That man KNOWS how to dress a woman! *swoon*

Now, lets talk about the outfits that were OK, but not quite on the mark.

Now you guys know how I feel about cut outs (if not, read this), Ciara got this good old side eye from me for this J. Mendel dress. We get it, you're sexy, but wearing a large hairnet is a bit over the top. Leave a little something to the imagination. And before you call me a hater, stop right now. I remember when Ciara didn't need to show 89.6% of her naked body to get attention or to sell records.... and she sold more music back then. Let that sink in.

Oh Jennifer Hudson, you are ALMOST there girl. I love the hair cut and I'm proud you lost the weight, but your styling still leaves much to be desired. The slit was awkward and her makeup didn't compliment the color of the dress. Maybe it's just me.... *shrug*

 Now let's talk about the folks that should have stayed home..... smh

Again, I'm usually not one to talk about men's fashion, but something had to be said about these two fools... So I saw that someone online said that 2Chainz wore a shirt in homage to the hardest level on Tetris and nearly DIED y'all. The Internet has no chill. LOL

Now, I don't know what in the Earthly hell R. Kelly was thinking when he decided that rocking a leather kilt was going to be a thing for him, but I wish he would just STOP. No sir, it's not a thing. You look like a fancy bus boy.

Lastly, Zoe Saldana, I, just don't get this dress. Did it not fit and you thought stapling a second dress on the side would work? I'm confused... *yells to the back* Can I get some assistance please!?

And now..... *long sigh*

I wanted to take some time to talk about Rihanna and not only for that damn "hairstyle" she wore, but the fact that someone hit their head and decided that she was an icon and figured she needed an award.

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't you have like, I don't know, DECADES of accomplishments before you are considered an icon?! And to be completely honest, she doesn't dress herself, so if you are giving her an icon for being fashionable, give it to her stylist. But to be honest, her hair stylist needs to get his or her life together for allowing her to wear her hair in a doobie wrap to the daggone AMAs!!! You want to be comfortable during rehearsals, fine, NOT for the actual show!!!!  Hell, not even for a trip to mall. Brush out ya damn hair RiRi! OK, I'll let it go now. Oh and this outfit wasn't the best, but wasn't the worst. I'll leave it at that.

So how do you feel about the fashions of the 2013 American Music Awards? I know there were plenty of other people there, but I didn't feel like talking about them all. LOL Let me know how ya feel!

Stay Fab! <3

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