Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fashion Trends That Need To DIE: Random Ass Cutouts

OK, so a friend of mine showed me a picture of a new "celebrity" couple and it made me want to have a fit. I have now been inspired to go on a rant, follow me if you will as we discuss the first travesty that needs a swift slice to the throat....


Stop it, now. Things are just getting out of line.... Like, WTF is this?

(If you know who this "celebrity" is, good for you, I don't wanna give her any Google hits, so I won't mention her name, she's trash.)

 There is just SO MUCH WRONG happening in this picture.... I can't even deal. FIRST off, your boobs, seriously. This "celebrity" has boobs that are damn near resting on her stomach. Girl. GIRL! Is that a "flesh" colored mesh piece in between? If you don't have the cans that can stand up on their own, DON'T WEAR THE DRESS! And who needs to see THAT much of your torso? Keep it classy people.

Plunging Cut-Out Bodycon DressCut It Out Mini Dress

Why even wear clothes!? Just walk around in pasties.... Mind you, these can be found in the "dressy" section of the dress department at They scream "dressy" don't they? Nothing says classy like arm pit cut outs! Oh, and you can TOTALLY be modest with lace up front. You don't want your boob AND nipple showing. 

And my plus size ladies..... *facepalm* EVERYTHING AIN'T FOR US!!!! This shit has got to stop....

If you see your skin bulging from the side, TAKE IT OFF! We are sexy, we are fierce, we can wear whatever we want..... TO A DEGREE. Ladies, have more respect for yourself. And that dress? I won't even go there.

*deep breath* OK, I think I'm done, for now. Y'all, nothing upsets me more than a beautiful woman wearing something ridiculous, just for attention. Mystery is sexy, simple is sexy, confidence is sexy. This shit here, ain't sexy. You are giving your mystery away at the expense of what? Stay classy girls, leave the holes to Swiss cheese and basketball nets, not your clothes.

Now, don't get me wrong! There are very TASTEFUL items that have cut outs in them, these are simply examples of "designers" getting scissor happy and the crazy people buying them.

Tell me how you feel? Do you agree or no? If not, tell me why!

Stay Fab! <3

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  1. You should add guys in skinny jeans. Or just skinny jeans in general. I hope it goes away in 2014.