Monday, October 7, 2013

The 2013 Miss World Fashion Show

Ahhh Buzzfeed, always giving me what I need. They highlighted 37 dresses from the Miss World Fashion Show (Props to Miss Philippines for taking the win!) and some were AMAZING while some fell a little short. Check it out!

Lets start off with the dress that were allll most amazing. These dresses could have been perfect with just a few edits. 

Miss Brazil - This dress is about 70% amazing. Can you guess where it falls short? Well, let's say where it falls out. Those two fluff bubbles need to go. Had this simply went into the bottom layer with a tulle skirt, I would have been in love.

Miss Curacao - The brown drape just seems like it was an after thought, meaning it shouldn't have been on there in the first place. I love the bodice, but leave the table cloth at home girl!

Now, let's look at the dress that SLAYED everyone and snatched the wigs of the competition!

Miss South MFin SUDAN! - When I tell you I almost FELL OUT! This dress is everything and she KNOWS how to work it! It gives drama and sexy, but is still classy! Then she tops it off with a SICKENING headpiece. You better WERK!

Miss Singapore - The tulled peplum and sweetheart neckline just perfected this look. The soft black and gold embroidery laid nicely on her skin. I don't know what country the girl in the back is from, but her dress was excellent as well!

So tell me which ones were your favorites and which ones did you think needed to go back to the drawing board by going to the Buzzfeed article here.

Oh and how I can I forget this travesty....

Miss Wales - Girl.... Did you not read your email? 

Stay Fab! <3

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