Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Do You Know Your Shoes?

Do you know what a Peep-Toe Platform Slingback is? What about a Heel-less Ankle Strap Platform? It's not science my friend, it's SHOES! I've found the perfect guide to shoe terminology! Also, I'll be highlighting some of my favorite "children". Check it!

(These are so comfy!)

The picture below breaks it all down. Feast your eyes!

Now if this doesn't help you, I don't know what will! I personally love a good Peep Toe Platform. 4.5 inches and up please! The higher the heel, the closer to God, right? Interestingly enough, my feet only hurt in shoes with a 3 inch or lower heel. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

For a bonus, here are some of my favorite shoes to rock!

Those are just SOME of my favorite "children". Now that boot season is upon us, it will be time to put them to the side (until date night).

What are your favorite kind of heels? Do you like them high like me?

Stay Fab! <3

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