Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Warm and In Style: Winter Coats for 2013

With October nearly gone, the tempts are are dropping and those cardigans may no longer be cutting it by themselves. So lets take a look at some of the hot styles for winter coats this season! Shout out to all of those pinners on Pinterest and Madame Google for the great pictures!

Trench Coats

The trench coat is back with a vengeance this season! The colors, cuts, and flair of these, typically basic, coats are making them anything but basic! My personal favorite is the fit and flare!

Fabulous Fur*

Fake or not, fur is all the rave! Whether all over or on accents, you can bet fur will keep you warm and working it!

Animal Print

I mean, we ALL know how I feel about my leopard print, (if you don't, click here) so OF COURSE, I am HERE for animal print coat for this winter! How could you NOT love these coats?!?!?

Bigger is Better!

Belts, collars, or the entire coat, it doesn't matter. Bigger is better! Emphasize your assets by emphasizing on certain (or all) parts of your coat!

50 Shades of... Pink?

Every magazine and blog wants to tell you that you should be wearing a pink coat this fall. Maybe you should. I don't think this is a trend I can get into; however, let's look at what's trending in pink outerwear!

I just feel like after this season, will that pink coat work for you? I'm a firm believer of keeping it classic. While some of the other styles are a little unconventional as well, I feel like the pink outerwear phase is just that, a phase.

So tell me how you feel about the winter trends in coats! Sound off Divas!

Stay Fab! <3
*I neither condone or endorse real fur for fashion purposes

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