Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Little Black Dress: Fashion's Perfect Invention

"One is never overdressed or under dressed, in a little black dress" - Karl Lagerfeld

Such a true statement, wouldn't you agree? If not, you need to! The little black dress (LBD) should be a staple in ANY woman's closet! Let's take a look at all the awesome ways you can wear an LBD and ROCK IT!

Shout out to Forever 21 and Zappos for the selection!

If you are the shy and demur type, you should wear a knee length or a sleeved LBD. The knee length shows just enough leg while the sleeves keeps you modest. Both should have a modest neckline (unless you want to give a little mystery).


If you like to go from work to play, you can always go with a sheath dress. You can throw on a blazer and a low, appropriate heel for work, and then swap those work shoes for a sexy pair of heels and hit the town (leaving the blazer in the car)! Make sure you touch up that makeup and add a sexy bracelet to play up your hair.

The LBD can also work for in a casual setting. You can throw on some cute sandals and play up your accessories, depending on the occasion!

The LBD isn't always little either! Long and flowing black dresses can also be just as effective!

Now to take a complete 180, the little black dress has always been known to be a show stopper in a party or in a club setting!

Nowadays, you can find many different spins on the LBD to make it modern. With lace overlays, metallic underlays, and play on lengths, there is just no stopping the LBD. It's always in fashion!

 No matter the occasion, a LBD can never do you wrong! Some ladies (like myself) keep a couple different styles in the closet for the days where you SWEAR you have nothing to wear! I'm wearing one as we speak!

How do you feel about the LBD dolls? Have one in your closet? Check out some of my favorite LBDs in my closet right now!

Stay Fab! <3

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