Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Makeover Magic!

One of my good friends, Paige, wanted to get some shots done and so The Glam Squad (YP Studios, Radiant Blends Makeup Artistry, and myself) got together to hook her up! Here are a few of the awesome photos! They were taken by the AMAZING YP Studios.

With such a GORGEOUS face, I decided to pull her hair back and out to give it some volume. I kept the bangs straight, and off to the sides to frame her face.

I wanted to bring out those lovely green eyes so, with the accompaniment of the brilliant makeup job, I surrounded her with mint green accessories. The earrings were found at Forever 21 and the necklace was in a local boutique.

Out of the items Paige brought, I felt this top created curves while slimming her waist, so it was the best way to go!
She was also gracious enough to let us use her photos for our upcoming event.
If you'll be in the Las Vegas area, please contact us for your styling needs!
Stay Fab! <3

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