Monday, July 22, 2013

Under who? Under what? Under WEAR!

OK people, so you have an awesome wardrobe, you pride yourself on your ability to spot a great item, but it never quite fits the way you want, right? It's probably because you aren't wearing the right underwear.

Your underwear is the foundation to your outfit and sets the tone for your look. If you wear baggy loose underwear, then more than likely, you are going to have a baggy, loose look. Let's work on this!


By far the most difficult thing to buy is a great fitting, supportive bra, no matter your size. It's like there is a secret to it that only women in stores know. But the good folks at Wiki How has created an awesome 7 step approach to buying the perfect bra! Here are the steps below:

1. Measure your bra
2. Determine the style you want
3. Hit the stores! (unless you know your bra size already, I wouldn't shop online for a bra just yet)
4. Try one on, with the clasp on the loosest fit
5. Check for:
           a. Band Tightness
           b. Double Boob
           c. Straps
           d. Center Gore
           e. General Size
           f. Does it Stay Put?
6. Repeat steps for several types of bras
7. Buy, buy buy!

Want the deets on this checklist? Check Wiki How for the rest! 

Seems like a lot huh? But it will all be COMPLETELY worth it when you wear that one shirt in the back of your closet that never hung over your "girls" right. The right bra should lift, smooth, and create a shape for whatever top or dress you wear.


Panties can be really tricky. It always depends on what you're wearing. Some women will only wear thong/g-strings, while other will wear nothing but full briefs/bikinis.I find a healthy balance of both can compliment any wardrobe!

Thongs and g-strings are best worn under... well... pretty much anything! They are the best way to reduce the look of panty lines (short of going commando!) by having the least amount of coverage.

Bikinis and briefs offer more coverage and are great for regular fit pants (slacks, khakis, etc) and any type of jeans. They can easily create panty lines if you aren't wearing the right size!

It's pretty simple to know if you are wearing the right size: NO BULGE! If your underwear cut into your skin, they are too small! If your underwear bulge themselves and look saggy, they are too small!


Spanx are also know as the greatest invention ever made. Why? Because they have the power to make you look amazing in your clothes! No matter your size.... wait, I'll repeat that, NO MATTER YOUR SIZE, you should invest in a Spanx product. Accept no substitute, it must be SPANX! This undergarment/girdle type material will create a smoothness to your body that will make sure those little (or big) lumps and bumps are laid straight and the jiggle to stop!

Spanx are comfortable shaping solutions for fashion-loving women everywhere.... how can you hate on that?!

At the end of the day, lay your foundation down right ladies. I PROMISE you, with these tips, you will be able to wear things in your closet your haven't worn in forever, and they will fit like never before! Who needs to go shopping for something new, when you'll be wearing that outfit again.... for the very first time!

Stay Fab! <3

photo credits to: Lane Bryant,

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