Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Style Icon Spotlight: Beyonce!

So I figured I would wait a while before I did this.... But I just can't wait any longer.... Let's dive into Miss Baddie Bey's amazing style, from the beginning! (Yes, I COMPLETELY Stan for Beyonce, you don't like it? Go ahead and move on to the next post! LOL)

So, Beyonce has come a long way. In her early days of being a solo artist, she was a little rough around the edges. From the hair to the questionable fashion choices made by her mother, Beyonce had very little street cred in the fashion world.

Pretty tragic, right? I mean when you have someone else making and styling your clothes who also gave birth to you, it's hard to say "No, Mom. That's tacky.". So she rolled with it until she because a solo artist. Things were still pretty rough, but she started to come into her own.

OK, not a LOT of improvement, but then her album Dangerously In Love dropped.... And Sasha Fierce began to emerge.

Once she got a taste of freedom that comes with being a solo artist, she opened up to fashion and went in a new direction. By the time B Day dropped, Sasha Fierce had arrived....

Stepping out in classic, sexy styles, Beyonce had now become one to watch in the fashion world. Doing a complete 180 from her earlier days, she was now a force to be reckoned with, and we were here for it!

When I Am... Sasha Fierce dropped, all hell broke loose and Mother Bey served you for the GODS with an UBER mod, sexy, edgy, smokey look.

So now that Sasha is here to stay, Beyonce not only gives you a new sound, but a more couture look with her next album, 4. 

While promoting the 4 album, Beyonce hit us with a WHAMMY! She was pregnant! That didn't stop her stellar style one bit! Baddie Bey kept us on the edge of our seat in her gorgeous gowns and even rocked a bikini while Blue Ivy was growing big and strong!

Now that little Blue Ivy is an adorable toddler, Beyonce is now on tour pleasing our palette with more new music! She's come into her own as an artist, woman, and mother, which has made her fashion evolve! She's going back to her roots with fashionable urban looks and is still killing the game with her out of the box photo shoots.

In the past almost twenty years, we've watched Beyonce grown from her awkward teen stages to the fashion forward, fierce Goddess she is today! Bow Down to the TRUE Queen B!

Stay Fab! <3
Photo credit to Google Images

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