Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pinterest Done Plus: Summer Love

Hey Dolls! 

Today is a double whammy PDP! You'll find out why in the details below! 

Tank: H&M
Shorts: Styles by Shay Renae
Shrug: Styles by Shay Renae
Shoes: Local boutique
Accessories: Chic Cache

That's right folks, my outfit is made by me! My sewing journey is coming along great! I wanted to give you one more PDP before the end of the month but I figured that I should incorporate some of my own designs in this one! I hope you like it! 

Today's inspiration comes from.... You! 

What are you thankful for today, doll? Leave a comment on what you're thankful for! We should always take a moment to reject on the things we're grateful and thankful for. Gratitude is the right attitude! 

Stay Fab! <3

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