Friday, July 11, 2014

The Curvy Movement: Let A Fat Girl LIVE!

So, Dolls, whether or not you know this, people who call themselves "Fattist" exist. These are people who "unapologetically" fat shame people and feel like "it's unattractive, it's unhealthy and, given the problems that being fat can cause, it should be as unacceptable as smoking". Those harsh words are from the always pleasant (-_-) Linda Kelsey of Daily Mail UK. Click below for more....

In this article, she talks of her experience watching three "fatties" enjoy themselves while waiting in line to travel instead of loathing themselves for being "a size 18 at least". I mean, the absolute NERVE of these women for LOVING THEMSELVES and living their lives! The sheer audacity of these beautiful creations made by God to live care-free in spite of the people who wish to look down on them, simply because they do not look like them. I'm so appalled.....

What the hell ever lady! How dare you compare a beautifully plump woman to cancerous cigarettes! This article is so deep rooted in hate, I honestly couldn't finish it. She's so evil in her way of thinking, she's delusional! She actually said this when it comes to eating disorders to be skinny:

"But in the cases I've come across, the psychological issues these girls were suffering from had far more to do with their driven personalities, their determination to be A*  students at any cost, as well as troubles with over-demanding parents, than simply emulating glossy magazine images of super-skinny models and stick-thin celebrities on the red carpet."

She seriously thinks that determination and parental pressure is the predominant cause of bulimia and anorexia?! If that was the case, I'd be skin and bones. Where is this woman's medical degree? Where is she getting this data? What planet is this woman living on? Remind me never to go there. Oh and this was great too:

"Far from body hatred, what I witnessed was a let-it-all-hang-out faith in themselves and a don't-give-a-damn attitude to their evident obesity."

Yeah, that's called not letting people like YOU get to them. It's called loving who you are. It's how you live a happy life. Which maybe you don't do often, since you seem to harbor so much hate for those who don't look like you. If you didn't know, Linda, fat people know their fat. We don't need to be reminded and hide in shame.

Let me say this to you Linda... listen... THIS FAT GIRL WILL LIVE HOW SHE DAMN WELL PLEASES! As a woman living with Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome, I will NEVER "meet my suggested BMI". I don't want to, to be honest. But I'll be damned if I let you, or anyone else for that matter, tell me I should be ashamed or hide from the world simply because I am not in single digit sizes. 

Do I want to lose weight and be fit? Of course! Do I want to let the world TELL me how and how much I should lose? Absolutely not! Should I hide who I am because of my weight? HELL NO! And neither should you, Dolls! 

It's the "Linda Kelsey"s of the world that make it so necessary for plus size bloggers to exist. To push for body acceptance and self love! Now more than ever, SELF LOVE is pertinent to our daily lives. Go look in the mirror and pick out 5 things you love about your body, then go flaunt the hell out it! The best way to get back at these kind of articles and people is to  LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF YOURSELF!

I'm sorry, Dolls! I'm RILED up over this article! The pictures I decided to post in this article reflect what a "fatty" can look like. HAPPY! LOVED! FREE! I'm going to end my vent session for now, I suppose. 

If you took nothing else away from this article, PLEASE just love yourself for who you are! Don't let anyone steal the joy you feel for loving your body AS IS. I love you for exactly who you are!

Stay Fab! <3

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