Wednesday, August 13, 2014

OOTD: Mini Muse

Morning dolls!
It's no secret that skirts have been my thing this summer, but I specifically want to highlight the mini skirt. Check it out! 

Today I'm in head to toe Forever 21 with Nine West heels.

Dolls, embrace the mini skirt. Don't hold on to the stigma that comes with a mini skirt. They can be fun, chic, and appropriate when worn properly.

If your legs are exposed, keep your "girls" in the house. Don't show too much up top and it will balance the amount of legs you expose. It also gives you a little leeway to wear a heel. 

If you have issues with your legs and keep your skirts long, start with a midi skirt. A midi skirt usually stops past the knee to mid calf and is similar to a pencil skirt in fit. When you're comfortable with that, move on to a pencil skirt. Those will stop right at the knee or slightly above it.

Now, if you decide that you want to try a mini, make sure it is appropriate in length all the way around. Your skirt should stop mid thigh all the way around. Bend over and make sure you aren't flashing anyone. You don't want to give someone a free show. Ha!

Today's inspiration comes from the late, great, Robin Williams.

There will always be bad days, dolls. But the point of them is to find a lesson to learn to prepare you and help you appreciate the good days! When you feel like you can't learn anything from those bad days, and they start to pile up, I ENCOURAGE you to seek help. There is always SOMEONE who loves you. Always someone you can't talk to. You are never truly alone when you reach out for help.
Rest in LOVE and LIGHT Robin Williams.

Stay Fab! <3

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