Friday, February 28, 2014

To Tuck or Not To Tuck

Hey Dolls! So as I was getting dressed this morning, I realized I am now a Tucker. What is that? Well, it doesn't involve RuPaul or anything, it simply means that I like tucking in my shirts now. Nothing new right? Well, for me, it is. Let me explain why!

So I used to wear my shirts untucked in order to drape over my tummy and butt, hiding the bulge. The bigger and longer the better, tunics were everything. The more I started paying attention to what I was actually wearing, the more I realized I was hiding the best part of my body (well one of them), my hourglass shape!

(why am I making that stank face?!?!)

Pretty bad, right? So, I decided to start tucking in my shirts as you've seen in most of my Pinterest inspired outfits. Why did I decide to do it? Well, for one, I've embraced my curves and decided it was time to stop hiding them. Two, I LOOKED SLOPPY! I mean, having great clothes mean NOTHING if you don't know how to wear them! Tucking in even the front of my shirt made me look neater and trendy. Check out the difference in the side by side. 

Big difference to me. I like tucking, not gonna lie. Plus... I like saying "I like tucking" hehehehe. 

Oh and for the outfit breakdown, the shirt is from Forever 21, the shoes are from Rainbow, the jewelry is from Rhapsodielle, and the jeans are Old Navy!

So are you a tucker? Why or why not?

Stay Fab! <3

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