Thursday, February 6, 2014

TBT: Blue and White Love and A Stylist Workshop

Okay so the outfit I'm going to show you guys may not be years old (it's only like 3 weeks old actually), but it's still awesome! I wanted to go from casual to business ready and here are the results! Also, I wanted to tell you guys about the awesome workshop I went to!

I started out my day in some simple jeans and a top, with some super comfy knee high boots. Respectively, the top is Old Navy, the jeans are from an awesome store that is no longer in business called Marianne's, and the boots are Torrid

Later that day, I had an amazing stylist workshop hosted by Creative Imaginaetion and Zoe Dupree

So you KNOW I had to get fly!

The blazer and skirt are Forever 21 (Of course) and I used a random black tank top (found nearly anywhere), the jewelry is from M's Clothing, and the shoes were from Shiehk!

I would have LOVED to put the one question interview I had with Zoe in this post, but the video is super blurry.... Sorry guys! Trust, he's amazing though!

During the workshop, not only did we get to create our own brand, we got to style a child doll and a member of our own team. I had the HONOR of working with the amazingly talented Yaya!

All in all, I had a BLAST! I'm met and connected with some amazing people and I CANNOT wait to bring to you the things I have in the works! Stay tuned!

Stay Fab! <3

P.S. This was also a Pinterest inspired outfit!

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