Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Curvy Movement: My Inspiration

Hey Dolls! Now that you know what I'm about and why I'm here (courtesy of this post), I want you to know who inspires me. Now there are many amazing women that inspire me, but today I want to shout out 2 in particular: Tess Munster and Rosie Mercado.

First, I want to talk about Tess Munster. Tess inspires me because she doesn't care about any societal standards on beauty and what a model is supposed to look like. It's because of her that I tuck my shirts in, bought (not one, but) TWO bikinis, AND have crop tops waiting to be worn. I have embraced my stomach and (as her campaign says) said "Eff your beauty standards" to the section of the Fashion Industry that feels that fat women should be a certain way. We are ALL beautiful no matter our size!

Next is someone who inspired me to become a model, Rosie Mercado. Her strength and passion for modeling is amazing. Back in 2010, I always thought a plus size model was limited to a size 16, 18 max. When I met Rosie, she was a size 24 and was nothing short of stunning! It made me realize that I could do it if I wanted to. That your size does not define who you are.

I then had the AMAZING honor of having my very first photo shoot ever with her! It was really a life changing experience. I never knew that modeling was so much fun. It eventually brought me to where I am today.

These women have shown me that I shouldn't be afraid of my body and hide it under layers and layers of fabric. I shouldn't care about what society thinks about my body. It's MY body. My thoughts and feelings are the only ones that matter. Those thoughts and feelings should be positive no matter what, even if you are in the middle of changing it for the better. 

Stay Fab! <3

*photos courtesy of Facebook. Professional photo credit of Rosie and I are given to Michelle Alexandra Photography*

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