Friday, January 3, 2014

Fashion Crush Friday: Mimi G

This week's fashion crush is not on a celebrity, but a fellow fashion blogger! She takes "create your own style" to the next level! If you don't know her already, you need to! This week's crush is on Mimi G! If you've ever seen some amazing looks on Pinterest or the other fashion pages on Facebook, more than likely, it was Mimi G!

Mimi G began blogging in 2008 to simply keep record of her sewing adventures, I would check in from time to time and just marvel at what she could do with a sewing machine. A couple of years ago, I noticed that she started offering tutorials and really started to bring amazing styles to her blog.  Check out some of them below!

 Amazing right? She's inspired me to get a sewing machine myself (Don't get excited, I have yet to make something presentable)! She even blogs about her casual looks that may include clothing from other retailers.


In this past year or so, she has also started her own clothing line, Stitched 9. So if you don't have what it takes to make it, you can simply buy it! (Which, I may have to do since my Brother's sewing machine is just collecting dust after my first tragedy. Ha!)

 Cute stuff! I love it all, but this one is by far my favorite!

 I love the color, the cut, the fit! One day I'll buy it. Then I'll wear it everywhere. LOL

So there's my Fashion Crush for this Friday. She has soooo many amazing looks, I just couldn't fit them all into this post! Go follow Mimi G's Facebook page and check out her blog from time to time for style inspiration! 

Stay Fab!<3

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