Monday, September 16, 2013

I Wanna Get Nailed.... Do You?

While I love talking about fashion in regards to clothing, we cannot neglect our nails! With nail art evolving by LEAPS AND BOUNDS from as recent as 10 years ago, they are easily becoming a fashion movement in themselves. Let's check out some of the awesome, trendy, and FUNCTIONAL nail art out right now!

(These are actually Radiant Blends' nails. AMAZING, right?)

Nail art has come a long way. Nowadays it's not about how long they are, but how flashy they are!

 While keeping them at a nice professional length, you can still show your individuality with pops of color and prints!

Even if bright colors and prints aren't your thing, you can keep it simple and chic with geometric shapes and color combos!

If you really want to go all out, do everything on one hand!

This season's color trend is keeping it classic. I just placed an order for navy blue gel nail polish and can't WAIT to rock it!

I don't know if you guys noticed that I left off the super long "witch nails", 3d art, and the cartoon nails (Google them if you aren't familiar). I did that on purpose as those fashions are not what I like cover. I personally think that those types are nails are for certain occasions. The styles I presented are more for your everyday, "I work in an office" type setting (and that's pushing it for the flashier looks). I want women to not worry about compromising style for the board room!

 Any who, what kind of nails are you rocking right now? Me? I like to mix colors, check my nails out right now. I did them myself, so be nice! LOL

That's them in all their glory. My first time doing my own gel nails. LOL

Stay Fab! <3

*photo credit to pinterest


  1. Love your blog! I think navy blue would look fab on our nails.

    1. Thanks for the love! I wound up putting navy on my toes to start, and LOVED it! I'm rocking it on my nails as we speak!