Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's Sizzlin' This Summer!

Now that summer is here, it's time to strip down to your short shorts and tanks, and bask in the sun! Don't know what to wear? No problem, I got you! Besides, your bathing suit is only appropriate in so many places....

This summer is all about floral prints! The key to wearing any floral print (NO MATTER YOUR SIZE) is moderation! You always want to pair a print with the right amount of solid colors to balance out your outfit. Take the outfits below:

floral print, jessica simpson dany, true religion jeansSummer look with floral print skirt and Zara sandals

Here are some great examples of how to balance your floral prints! Your floral piece should be your statement, so you don't want to draw attention all over the place. The best thing to do is center your outfit to your print by wearing solid colors to compliment them! When wearing a dress, you don't always have to wear layers, but keep your accesories and shoes simple to give your dress the shine it deserves!

Another hot ticket item, which should come at no surprise, is still the ever so comfy maxi dress! The great thing about this ultimate go to item this year is the different cuts that are available! You have the hi-low (or fishtail), the double slit, the asymetrical cut, the bias hemline, and more to choose from! You can dress them up or down in a snap!

Jarlo V Neck Maxi Dress with Lace Back and Button DetailAQ AQ Gritz Dress with Maxi Cape

Throw on a blazer and a nice heel and you are ready for the office with the more simpler styles. Drop the blazer and add some gladiator sandals (or wedges) and you are ready to tackle anything! The more modern styles (as shown above) are great for that Jazz festival or casual date. You just CAN'T go wrong with a maxi dress! Need help finding the right maxi for you? Check out my post on that!

In the good ole UK, the minimalist movement is strong! These no nonsense looks are made up of clean lines and cool, simple colors. You can rock them as is or dress them up for a little added USA flavor!

The hottest fashion trends for spring/summer 2013

It seems that this summer is also the summer of vintage! I've seen so many decades come back this year! From the 60's to the mid 90's, you can dig out those clothes from high school that still fit and be fashion forward at the same time! Check out what IndiaTimes had to say about Vintage Fasion in 2013.

It looks like you have a lot to choose from this summer!  Be bold and rock those looks fearlessly! Always be confident and comfortable!

Stay Fab! <3

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