Saturday, January 23, 2016

Model Spotlight: Domi Chneé

Hey Dolls!

I am super happy to say that I've worked with this beautiful up and coming, established model. She's fierce, fabulous, and ready to take the industry by storm. Click further to check out Domi Chneé!

I wanted to highlight Domi Chneé (pronounced Sha-Nay) because after working with her, it's clear that she's going to be a star. She's refreshing, fun, and much needed in this industry.

What inspired you to be a model?

 What inspired me to start modeling was, two weeks prior to my mother's passing in February 2014, my mother sat down with me and told me to follow my heart, and your heart will lead you to the path you desire most. It was crazy because the day before that, I was speaking into the universe that I wanted to start modeling. I felt the conversation was my confirmation.

 What is your favorite type of modeling; print or runway?

 Ohhh, that's a hard one!! Print was my favorite because that's how I started off. However, after my first show in November... I love runway!! The rush!! The audience, the cheering!! It's an amazing feeling!!

 What does modeling mean to you?

 Modeling to me, is an expression of who you are. It’s art that is expressed on or off camera, as well as when you are on the runway, it’s something that can't be explained.  

 What is one fashion trend you would like to see come back?

 Vintage as well as Hippie era!! 1940s, and 50s and early 60s era!! The women of that time period dressed amazing!! I swear I was born way before my time!! I love that the flare pants are back in style.

 What is one fashion trend that you would like to see leave and never return?

 Sagging to your knees!! I didn't know people still dressed like that.

 What can we expect to see from you in 2016?

 In 2016, you can expect to see a lot of me!! I’m with an online publication called LUXE KURVES and they have some AMAZING things in store for this upcoming year!! I’ll be walking in the plus size fashion week in May. More photo shoots with amazing photographers and something else that's a secret!! You'll have to follow me on IG to find out!! ☺ *domichnee

 Where do you see the plus size community in the next 5 years?

 Plus size is already taking over so it's only going to go up!! It would be nice to see a Victoria Secrets plus size angel? A plus size model strutting down Victoria Secrets fashion show? Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart doing an amazing Plus Size Fashion Show every year!! Absolutely!!

 What do you like to do in your downtime?

In my downtown, I love to style which is my second passion. Putting pieces together and creating an outfit that's outside the box!! YouTube for great makeup tips, watching Property Brothers on HGTV, LOVE!!!! And of course, The Golden Girls!!

What are some of your favorite designers?

 Coco Chanel off top is an amazing designer!! Very timeless and classic!!

 Where do you like to shop?

 Anywhere that has a sale! Lol. F21, H&M, boutiques, Goodwill, Charlotte Russe, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Torrid. I love a plethora of stores!

 If you were a super hero, what would be your main super power?

 If I was a super hero, my main power would be to travel back in time. I'd be able to enjoy the memories created between my mother and myself.

 Tell me about some of the hardships you've faced in this industry.

 Some of the hardships I've personally faced have been some people in the industry don't want to see natural hair, or they prefer a plus size light skin women with natural hair, because it looks more realistic on someone with a lighter complexion compared to someone as myself, they'd prefer a long weave. Told I'm too fat, but some say I'm not "plus" enough.  On IG, if you don't have enough "followers" they'd like to pick someone else, which are all asinine to me.

 What impression do you hope to leave on the Plus Size community?

The impression I'd like to leave on the plus size community is, follow your heart. I know it sounds cheesy but, I came from a single parent home. My mother was struggling to make ends meet. My three sisters and I shared a room *with bunk beds* and other things that I went through growing up. Now, I'm doing modeling and other ventures that as a child, never would have dreamed of! Believe in yourself! Believe in your Brand! Believe that your heart will guide and lead you to your desires!

 How do you like to give back?

 I give back by providing as much information as possible! I didn't just land here on my own. I got here from networking and people that have guided and directed me to where I am now. I get DMs, Facebook messages often about how do I get started? So I give the most feedback as I possibly can!! Of course, I’d love to give more than that, but in due time... in due time!

I am so happy and excited to see all that Domi Chneé accomplishes! She is surely on her way to greatness! Look out for her people!!!

Stay Fab!

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