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Spotlight Feature: Own Something Exclusive

Morning Dolls!

Today I want to bring an amazing designer to your attention! I wanted to feature Own Something Different because I was moved by the story of the designer, shown on her website.

"Own Something Exclusive (O.S.E) was created by Visionary Ose Ogbemudia.  Working in the fashion industry for over seven years then branching off to building and running her first plus-size women's boutique Ose(Uh-Seh) Vintage Wear, Ose O. knew that her DNA included creating original product, and building her own brand and empire. Own Something Exclusive is a brand that embodies the exclusive lifestyle. No one person is the same, and no one product should be the same so O.S.E offers exclusive made-to-order product for clients. Because this brand is developing new product categories every season, O.S.E stands by its motto of 'We don't follow trends, we follow our voice'."

 After reading that, I had to reach out to her! Check her out below!

What inspired you to be a designer?

First off, thank you for interviewing me! I feel honored to be featured on your blog! :)

Okay let me get to your answers,

I always had a love for fashion, growing up in a house with many sisters I stole clothing, and would dress up to school and try to sneak it back in the closet, but sometimes that didn't work to well LOL. Over time, I developed my personal style and I realized how much I loved helping other find theirs. Through those experiences, I grew to love the reaction of happiness that would come over those I knew who would look at themselves in the mirror and see the beauty that would come full circle with the right outfit. It helped uplift and build their self-esteem and it also helped impact mine.  After taking notice of enjoyment  I developed of helping Women look there best, and how it helped build self-esteem  I took advice from friends and family and it lead me turn it into a business. Since I love business, it was natural to put my love for fashion and business together and develop a fashion line. I started with a vintage collection (Ose (Uh-Seh) Vintage Wear, which was the stepping stone that lead to Own Something Exclusive. I lot happened in between all this to help cultivate my fashion business, but I'll keep it at the short version.  

Where do you pull inspiration from for your aesthetics?

Own Something Exclusive, is a evolving brand, part of my motto for the line is "We don't follow trends, we follow our voice" and that is important to me. I am not following a fashion timeline of when I should launch each season, or what is in or out, I follow my heart and voice inside and I use my life experiences to birth out designs for the brand. My Summer Preview Collection was based on my first trip to Africa. I am Nigerian/Liberian and visiting my home inspired me on a massive level. I knew I wanted to tie in this significant life experience in my collection and that is where the African (Ankra print) fabric came in. I was able to not only use Ankra fabric, but have items made in Africa, bettering the economy and building small business in Liberia.  Own Something Exclusive evolves every season and I want to bring about exclusive designs and stories through my clothing from all around the world. It will always be anchored in my African roots, but there are future product categories and collections inside that I cant wait to birth, so look to see something new and fresh for us soon! 

Explain your brand name.

Own Something Exclusive explains itself. We want our customer to understand that everything we offer will have an exclusive aspect, whether it is the design, the way or where it is manufactured, the exclusive one-on-one personal customer service, or the custom made service. We will aim to always make sure if you buy our brand you are owning something exclusive. We also push to highlight the exclusiveness in each person, no one person is the same, and our "exclusive girls" shows that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and we are a brand that highlights the exclusive beauty in every individual. 

What is one fashion trend you would like to see come back?

One fashion trend I would like to come back is the effort that is put into designing clothing. When I look at my vintage pieces and compare to the fast fashion that is taking over the market, you miss out on the details and the quality of fabric and design. I love the unique looks, designs and creativity of fashion from past eras, and with the popularity in vintage and thrifting, it is something I am sure others appreciate and want to see more of in clothing today. 
What is one fashion trend that you would like to see leave and never return?
Now if this is for men, it would be sagging. That is just down right disgusting. But if you are referring to Women, A fashion trend that I would love to not see go away, but re-evaluated is belting everything! I know that it is great to put a belt on to highlight the waist line, but sometimes its not a must or doesn't work and some women just slap one on.  I love a belt on my waist so I would NEVER want this style to go away, but just making sure its the right size or if there is a need for one is my pet peeve. 

What can we expect to see from your Winter 2014 line?

For Winter, I am showing more versatility.  I love my Ankra Fabric, but I want to incorporate new fabrication as well to help mix and match with the popular Ankra fabric. 

Where do you see the fashion community in the next 5 years?

I feel that emerging designs will really make a huge impact . It the underground, pounding the pavement designers that have the creativity and vision that is fading out of Fashion. I am excited for the "underdogs" to create a name for themselves and build a following without the support of main stream, so it allows for them to continue to take risk with fashion without watering down for mainstream. 

What do you like to do in your downtime?

Most would not know this so I will tell you a secret, I've turned into a homebody LOL. My boo lives in a different time zone, so keeping up with him while working on business and other commitments, gives me little down time and when I get I like to spend it with friends, family, pushing myself to go to the gym and reading.  I make it a daily practice to keep God at the forefront of my life in prayer and reading the Bible  I LOVE to travel, and want to do a lot more so I also spend time researching great places to go.

What are some of your favorite designers? Where do you like to shop?

I love vintage, being that I use to own a vintage line, so thrifting is a huge love but designers that I love enjoy are are Rachel Roy, Korto Momoulu, Jibri, Zara, Duro Olowu, French connection, Monif C and many others.  I get in with a Rainbow or Tar-jay (Target). I enjoy mix and match from different brands from high-end to low. Its about using my personal style to make a statement.

If you were a super hero, what would be your main super power?

I would love to be a super hero of Wisdom and Discernment. I feel with both of these gifts and powers I can conquer anything!

Tell me about some of the hardships you've faced in this industry.

It not easy going after your dreams, there is always a naysayer, those who don't want to hold the door open for a "up and coming artist" and life happens. But guess what, YOU HAVE TO KEEP PUSHING! Whether finances are not there, your day job gets in the way or you don't have a lot of time, you have to push to make your dreams come to life. I always start off with what keeps me grounded (prayer and my bible) and encourage myself and that would be the advice I would give to everyone.  Build a vision board to look at when you start to get discouraged and see where you are going and what you achieved. Find someone you look up to in your field and look at there story, every successful person has been through the wire to gain true success.  Most important, surround yourself with positive go-getters who will encourage and inspire you along the way.  

What impression do you hope to leave on the fashion community?

Hard work pays off, and a positive attitude and encouraging vision will goes a long way.

Ose is an amazing talent and I am so excited to see what's next for her!

Tell me what you think of her brand and be sure to tag us on IG! Until next time! 

Stay Fab! <3

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